Company administration

Company administration

The incorporation of Maltese Companies, which are EU compliant and regulated by the MFSA, offers substantial tax incentives and other advantages to shareholders. The incorporation of companies in Malta can have multiple or mixed sources of income (holding, trading or passive investment income) at very advantageous tax rates.

Octave Corporate Services is a fully licensed corporate service provider and can assist you with all facets of company incorporation in Malta. As a trusted introducer with several banks we can assist you to open bank accounts for your company and any other matter related to the smooth running of your Malta company.

The main advantages of a Malta Company are the following:

  • Low effective tax rate (through the interaction of tax refunds to non-residents) on world wide profits as follows:
    • 0% on dividends received from a qualifying participating holding
    • 0% on capital gains made from the disposal of a participating holding
    • 5% on dividends from non-participating holdings
    • 5% on trading income
    • 10% on passive income (interest, royalties etc)
  • Complete anonymity of the beneficial owners
  • European Union VAT number for EU VAT trading (where applicable)
  • No withholding tax on distribution of dividends to the shareholders
  • Free trade within the EU as Malta is a member of the EU
  • Annual audited accounts – the submission of audited accounts to the Inland Revenue Department proves that the company is not a tax evasion structure
  • 48-hour registration

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