Malta yacht leasing

Yacht leasing and VAT

Malta offers an advantageous VAT leasing set-up for pleasure yachts to substantially reduce the effective VAT payable from the 18% rate of VAT applicable in Malta generally.

For the Malta VAT yacht leasing set-up, three procedures must be considered:

1. The setting up of a Malta company

2. The registration of the vessel under Malta flag

3. The Lease of the vessel to third parties through the Malta VAT yacht leasing set-up

We can assist you in planning and implementing your Malta VAT yacht leasing set-up thoroughly and guiding you through the entire process, including the incorporation of the Malta company, VAT registration, yacht registration and all related aspects.   We will also assist in the preparation of all documents necessary for the Malta VAT yacht leasing set-up right through to the eventual termination of the Malta VAT yacht leasing set-up when due.

Our past experience in setting up Malta VAT yacht leasing structures will ensure that our clients will obtain the maximum benefit of such a structure.   For more information please contact us.